Thursday, March 6, 2014

They let the drummer have a mic...

Well... its more of a metaphorical mic. 

It's BLOG POST!!! 

Still maybe not the BEST idea. But maybe its THE best idea. 

Anyway, I'll just start of my first blog post with a little about my drums. I'm currently playing a Tama Rockstar 4 piece kit. (I say currently because I will one day have a delicious drum kit of which I cannot yet decide upon). Originally this kit was a greenish silver metallic color, but I have done things to it. You can see the transformation here (, but I will give you a brief description for purposes of blogging... bloggering?... bloogs-town?... there has to be a better word for this than "blogging". ANYWAY! First Pif and I removed all of the hardware from the shells. This allowed us to violently rip of the low-quality factory drum wraps that has ornamented them thus far. A little sanding and a heavy application of Walnut colored (coloured? anyone out there from England?) stain was all it took to give it a deep dark wood finish. The hardware from all of the drums (including all of the cymbal stands) was treated with a lovely Hammered style Copper colored (does it appeal to both U.S. AND Europe if I spell it "colouored"?) spray paint, followed by spray clear coat to seal it on. After that all I had to do was bust out the old acrylics paint set, mix up some black red together to get a dirty black color going, and apply to every last nook and cranny that the abundant hardware had. ... that took forever. I might actually still be doing that, I'm not sure. Time just kind of stopped, THAT'S how long it took. Anyway, it looks great! (this is probably where I should have put that link to the photo gallery of the process, huh?)

My snare drum is a Pearl Joey Jordison signature snare. It is a powerful and deep 13" steal snare drum that I accent by using Evans Hydraulic tom heads on it instead of snare batter heads. This odd practice came to be on a day long ago when I was getting ready to go play a show for a band I was in at the time. I realized that my snare head was broken and I did not have the time or money to fix it. What I DID have was an extra 13" tom head lying on a shelf un-used, so naturally I did what I had to do and put it on the snare drum. The result was a wonderful and full sound that managed to both bite at the deepest parts of your brain while at the same time chest-punching you in your body-face. I fell in love with that sound and haven't gone back since. 

My cymbals are gradually moving toward being all Zildjian. I have a strong affinity toward the A-Custom crashes. I briefly owned an A-Custom 18" China, and that was amazing and powerful and made of the aural sex. (I said "AURAL", not... don't make this weird). Anyway, cymbals are way too expensive, so my collection is slow growing. 

and we cannot forget....


One of the most important part of any metal drummers set-up is the choice of kick pedals. The metal under your feet can have a remarkable impact on the metal you are able to produce. I'm not saying that all there is to playing metal kicks is the right pedal. I'm also not saying that having the wrong pedal will ultimately prevent you from doing wonderful things with your feet. I'm just saying I love my pedals and they love me and we are getting married next week in a little gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy... Seriously though, they are good stuffs. They are the Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator double kick pedals. The most noticeable advantage they have over the Tama Iron Cobras that I used to use is that they are direct driven, which means instead of a chain that pulls the beater down with your foot, there is a solid chunk of metal. There's plenty of other reasons as well (that I may blog about again in the future), but for now I will just say that if you have not experienced these pedals then you probably should go find some and try them. 

Oh, and if you like things that you can see, then you should check out the official Thira instagram! @thiraoffical

I'll see a lot of you this Sunday (3-9) at the Skyway Theater for our show with Animals as Leaders, After the Burial, Veil of Maya, Reflections, and a whole bunch of other pants-dropping awesomeness!


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