Friday, January 18, 2013

Road Blog Blog Road Day 1

First day on the road. I'm typing part of this on 35W heading south to Des Moines. After forgetting the requisite seven really important things (including picking up our Eps from Noiseland) we got underway.

Coz is driving right now and we just passed a furniture valley. Just though you'd like to know. Hopefully we get some good video and can keep the youtube channel flowing. Editing in the van makes me a little queasy, but we'll see what happens. Fortunately I can touch type fairly well, so Ill be able to keep my eyes out the-- oh hey look a Wendy's!!!!!

Food. We've got pictures up on our facebook, but beans and rice are key. Beans, rice, hemp seed, rotel and sirracha is a key combination for this trip.

And we're back, gassed up and on I-80 heading to Sioux Falls. We were able to crash at Hall's friend Jessica's place. Showers and floors to crash on are amazing while you're on the road.

Had a good show in Des Moines last night. Tight quarters, small but intimate crowd. We had a good response – sold a bunch of EPs and made a bunch of new fans. Plus, one of the bands will be at our MO show this Saturday.

But for now – onward to our SD peeps! See you soon ya bastards!!!!

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