Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thira loves memes too!

Hey you guys. Holy crapcowbejeebus.

Things and stuff. Stuff and things.


Oct 12     The Buck             Menomonie, WI
Oct 13     Stoney's Bar         St Cloud, MN
Oct 27     House of Rock     Eau Claire, WI
Nov 17    Boonie's               Sioux Falls, SD
Nov 30    Ground Zero        Minneapolis, MN

New Shirts!!!!


Get the men's here: or at any of the shows and the Girl's V-necks should be ready in a few weeks.

Photo Shoot!!!

Yes, we will have a new photo set to smash into your eyebrainballs around Sept 30th.

**deep breath**


Erma Gerhd!!! Gerh erhn Terh!! (I hope this meme never dies.)

We are booking our 2013 Ascension Construct Tour.  Constructour.... constructor.... constructing the constructor.  Yes. We are constructring the 2013 Ascension Constructour. Construct the Constructor.

Erhshernsern Cerhnshtrertehr. 

Ok. That's enough of that for now.

So for those curious, the current plan is: SD, NE, MO, OK, TX, LA, AR, TN, MO, IL, WI, MN in roughly this order in Jan/Feb.  So if you live in any of these places or know people who do... Were Coming for YOU!!!! So.. you know... if you wanted to let us stay at your place or help promote shows that would be cool. Super cool. To the max.

More stuff coming, even more shows, new music and as always STUFF!!!

Welcome to Thira. 

P.S.  realquickjustwantedtoletpeopleknowthatCyisn'tinthebandanymoreandwe'relookingforaguitarist.nohardfeelingswithCy,butthoughtyoushouldknowwhat'sgoingon.kthanxbye

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