Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Post Title to Rule them All...

Because somebody wouldn't let me name it Thira is going to play live, Thira is going to play live, Thira is going to play live, Thira is going to play live, Thira is going to play live.

Now, I know there are some of you out there that are some measure of disappoint that the first show is 21+ and that number is so very close to a number that would allow you to attend this show but it may as well be... um..a far... a fair far...losing steam... it's more old than you, but not... much...more

OK. Starting over.

Quick experience-ment*: raise your non-dominant hand if you could vote if the correct paperwork had been filled out.  OK.  Now raise your dominant hand side big toe if you are not legally able to attend Thira's first show.  Now, with your dominant hand give a  [Expletive] Yeah satisfaction fist pump because GOOD GOD DAMN have we some news for you! [Ed. Are we swearing on this blog? I forget]

We're not going to tell you until at least Tuesday, but Thira has a confirmed 18+ show in March. [Ed.Please note that all information withholding time period disclosures are arbitrary and chosen by the post author and therefore are most likely wholly inaccurate. In fact dude is probably just being a big ole D-face.]

Moving on:

How 'bout that street team. As swell as we are, we are limited to human means of ambulation and transport and can only be in 5 places at once [well at least based on the number of members and the physics model we have chosen. Trust me, Newtonian physics makes for waaaaaay simpler tour route discussions].  And sometimes we have things that preclude us from doing as much promotion as would be satisfactory.  Hopefully that is where you would come in.

"But Kayden, do you think I'm street team material," you ask.  I will get you an answer, but how are asking me that right now as I'm typing this? Get Out of My HEAD!  ... Wow... I really sound shrill in Italics.

But the point. I will find it.  Aha!  You might ask yourself - are you someone that we want on our side? Could you be more than just an acquaintance, friend, or fan?

Well, if you're reading this, chances are you're already on our side and we would love to get you more involved.  You can be in places we can't, at times we can't, doing things we need to but... we'll I trust you're picking up on the theme.

Posting fliers in places near shows, telling your friends, handing out our free stuff, filming shows, wearing our shirts to class, to the grocery store, to work [if your work is cool with t-shirts], requesting our songs on a certain local radio station that might play that kind of thing... thinking of things to put on this list.

And if you're the person that has already thought of 3 things for that list by the time you finish this sentence, send us an email.  I think you might be our street team leader.

Thank you.


Welcome to Thira


*made up word I made up to mean: an exercise designed to appear like an experiment, but is really just a series or set of planned actions/thought responses put together in order to guide someone through a designed experience.  Which is usually what is really going on when someone says something like "Quick experiment..."

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