Monday, April 18, 2011

Well...sometimes things happen and then... NEW VIDEO!!!!

Yes I know you have things you want us to tell you or that you want to ask, but first: the rant, followed shortly (maybe a line break or two) by the video.  Here we go.

Preface:  I haven't edited a video in a while. I will now document the [sparse] memories of the few times I have:

First time: Windows Movie Maker.  XP YEAHH!!!  Second: some mild mannered program that entered into an incredible, violent argument with my computer. Third: a not quite honorably obtained version of Adobe Premier Elements.  That was all right.

So this time around I decided I was going to do a little research and figure out what the peeps on teh interwebs were saying about which Windows video editing suite I should get. Yes Windows. I don't have the money for Final Cut or the requisite hardware. Both are things I want, but I digress.

So, I tried using Cyber Link Power Director... in a word: no.  I can't describe how infuriating it was trying to sync up a video and track with the audio or the asinine transition and title editing.  Just picture it:  I zoomed in very fine... tried to drag the 2 sections I wanted to line up and... oh, yes do that.  Bring the leading edge of the audio up to where I released the cursor.  In the middle of the video...

Oh wait that's quite contrary to my intentions, wants and needs. God damn you, you insensitive bastard PowerLink...

Oh.. oh no!  I can't control my hand... what is it doing!?  I... I... can't stop it from moving the mouse!  Where is it going? Start menu...?  All Programs...?  Cyberlink Power Director?  What's this?  Uninstall Cyberlink Power Director... why would they put that the- CLICK - BOOM SUCKA!!!! GET.   OUT.   OF.   MY.   HOUSE!!!

So anyway... yeah.. Used  Windows Movie Maker.  Took about 7 seconds to line up, 15 minutes to finish the edits, 8 minutes to export...

Cannot mess with Apple when it comes to video editing.  Yeah I said it.

Without much more ado:

Oh that other stuff?  Well, just stay tuned and remember this:  every time a Thira video gets another hundred views a Kayden tells a story.



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