Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thira shops for an external hard drive!!!

Are you familiar with stream of consciousness writing?  Me neither, but here we go (read it as fluidly and as fast as you can, you're doing it right when you're reading almost as fast as you normally think words):

So, do you ever feel like you need to tell a particular person a story or talk about something that happened to you or about a particular way your feeling and you know that they care or at least you know that it would make you feel better to hash it out with them and so you decide to talk to them about it but your still thinking about the coversation before you can atually talk to them and so you start going over it in your head to make sure it's still a good idea and it still seems to be so you continue and then you start talking out loud(well more "out quiet") while picturing them listening to you.  The whole thing starts to feel like it's happening. You're there talking, telling, venting and you brain is projecting an image of them onto whatever your surroundings happen to be at the time. you're in the parking lot of the rehearsal space so Pif is in the parking lot, he's even pacing while your pacing while you talk to him about that cool new comedy album you know he would dig. you're at home on the couch, so your brother is sitting next to you while you talk about how you still think about that one cat you found dead (the cat not you, how would you still be talking?) while you were by yourself that had just got hit by a car and you think that was a wierd thing for an 8 year old but how maybe not because things die all the time and how it might be weirder that we stay ignorant of it for so long.

so that happens.

and you're relaxed. The thought... feels... released.

and you forget about it.  As in:  you never think to tell your brother about the cat, or the car, or that you a ton of fun at his wedding.

2 questions:  Am I the only that's ever done this?  If yes, please skip to the ALLCAPS infused LOLXORS toward the end of the blog.

If not:  Which is worse?

that we forget to say these things to the people in our lives?


that it seems that all that really matters is that someone or something listens to us?

Ok.  Now to move on to what you came here for!!!!!!  ALLCAPS LOLXORS!!!!!  An excerpt from an email thread from the inner workings of Thira.  GO Kayden GO!!!

##start quote##

Ok here's the deal.

External hard drive.  It's agreed we need one?   No it's ok... I'll wait... yes?  OK.

So there are 2 options. First one is to buy a really pretty, nice, ready made external drive.  I want this, you want this, your mom wants this... no, no she doesn't. She doesn't even know what we're really talking about.  She just likes to be a part of things and contribute in a constructive way but I don't really think she really grasps the intricacies of what we do on a daily basis and really couldn't begin to offer advice on a data storage/sharing solution for us.  And a non cloud based one at that.  No really, I appreciate the thought mom, but ... um... you bake really good cookies too... and... well, time better spent and all that.

So there's that.  They are nice, most of them are built around 2.5" drives these days-meaning they is smallxorxs- and (most of the time) get power through the data cable - USB 2.0, 3.0, eSATA, firewire what have you.  So very fun... but 2.5" drives are generally laptop drives and well... smaller than 3.5" drives and in turn more expensive for the same amount of storage.  There are ones out there built around 3.5" drives but if we're going that route we might as well consider:

Option 2:  Buy a cheap, large 3.5" drive and an external enclosure.

Examples: This:  plus this:

equals: $73 1TB external drive.

But compare to  for $70 ... difference?  No eSATA.  Matters to me because my computer has it (I say my computer only because we have not named it yet... named him yet...), but matters not to anyone else because 2.0 abounds...  Also note that 3.0 is backwards compatible, but not with my ham sandwiches.  Enormous cache that ham sandwich.


^^^strange urge to put up as blog post.....


##end quote##

And look what happened  XD


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