Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello there.  How are things?  Haven't seen you in a little bit.  We know we said we'd call, but things kind of got away from us.

We're sorry and we hope you can understand.

But, with pre-production, drummer auditions, a new guitarist and workshop for studio things have been a little hectic.

So in short, we're doing all that we can and need to to get this EP in your hands and ears this fall.  And then you know what's next?

The "S" word.  **leans in close**   shows...

-Welcome to Thira-

Friday, July 15, 2011

Well sometimes things happen and then.... a NEW SONG!!!!

That's right ladies and germs, a brand new four minutes and eight seconds of pure, handily adulterated bad assery is available for immediate FREE download at:


You can listen, like, cheer uproariously and all sorts things we can't even imagine while your there as well.

And if you prefer the 'outubes :

Here you go.  :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thira shops for an external hard drive!!!

Are you familiar with stream of consciousness writing?  Me neither, but here we go (read it as fluidly and as fast as you can, you're doing it right when you're reading almost as fast as you normally think words):

So, do you ever feel like you need to tell a particular person a story or talk about something that happened to you or about a particular way your feeling and you know that they care or at least you know that it would make you feel better to hash it out with them and so you decide to talk to them about it but your still thinking about the coversation before you can atually talk to them and so you start going over it in your head to make sure it's still a good idea and it still seems to be so you continue and then you start talking out loud(well more "out quiet") while picturing them listening to you.  The whole thing starts to feel like it's happening. You're there talking, telling, venting and you brain is projecting an image of them onto whatever your surroundings happen to be at the time. you're in the parking lot of the rehearsal space so Pif is in the parking lot, he's even pacing while your pacing while you talk to him about that cool new comedy album you know he would dig. you're at home on the couch, so your brother is sitting next to you while you talk about how you still think about that one cat you found dead (the cat not you, how would you still be talking?) while you were by yourself that had just got hit by a car and you think that was a wierd thing for an 8 year old but how maybe not because things die all the time and how it might be weirder that we stay ignorant of it for so long.

so that happens.

and you're relaxed. The thought... feels... released.

and you forget about it.  As in:  you never think to tell your brother about the cat, or the car, or that you a ton of fun at his wedding.

2 questions:  Am I the only that's ever done this?  If yes, please skip to the ALLCAPS infused LOLXORS toward the end of the blog.

If not:  Which is worse?

that we forget to say these things to the people in our lives?


that it seems that all that really matters is that someone or something listens to us?

Ok.  Now to move on to what you came here for!!!!!!  ALLCAPS LOLXORS!!!!!  An excerpt from an email thread from the inner workings of Thira.  GO Kayden GO!!!

##start quote##

Ok here's the deal.

External hard drive.  It's agreed we need one?   No it's ok... I'll wait... yes?  OK.

So there are 2 options. First one is to buy a really pretty, nice, ready made external drive.  I want this, you want this, your mom wants this... no, no she doesn't. She doesn't even know what we're really talking about.  She just likes to be a part of things and contribute in a constructive way but I don't really think she really grasps the intricacies of what we do on a daily basis and really couldn't begin to offer advice on a data storage/sharing solution for us.  And a non cloud based one at that.  No really, I appreciate the thought mom, but ... um... you bake really good cookies too... and... well, time better spent and all that.

So there's that.  They are nice, most of them are built around 2.5" drives these days-meaning they is smallxorxs- and (most of the time) get power through the data cable - USB 2.0, 3.0, eSATA, firewire what have you.  So very fun... but 2.5" drives are generally laptop drives and well... smaller than 3.5" drives and in turn more expensive for the same amount of storage.  There are ones out there built around 3.5" drives but if we're going that route we might as well consider:

Option 2:  Buy a cheap, large 3.5" drive and an external enclosure.

Examples: This:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145304  plus this:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817821004

equals: $73 1TB external drive.

But compare to http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145325  for $70 ... difference?  No eSATA.  Matters to me because my computer has it (I say my computer only because we have not named it yet... named him yet...), but matters not to anyone else because 2.0 abounds...  Also note that 3.0 is backwards compatible, but not with my ham sandwiches.  Enormous cache that ham sandwich.


^^^strange urge to put up as blog post.....


##end quote##

And look what happened  XD


Monday, April 18, 2011

Well...sometimes things happen and then... NEW VIDEO!!!!

Yes I know you have things you want us to tell you or that you want to ask, but first: the rant, followed shortly (maybe a line break or two) by the video.  Here we go.

Preface:  I haven't edited a video in a while. I will now document the [sparse] memories of the few times I have:

First time: Windows Movie Maker.  XP YEAHH!!!  Second: some mild mannered program that entered into an incredible, violent argument with my computer. Third: a not quite honorably obtained version of Adobe Premier Elements.  That was all right.

So this time around I decided I was going to do a little research and figure out what the peeps on teh interwebs were saying about which Windows video editing suite I should get. Yes Windows. I don't have the money for Final Cut or the requisite hardware. Both are things I want, but I digress.

So, I tried using Cyber Link Power Director... in a word: no.  I can't describe how infuriating it was trying to sync up a video and track with the audio or the asinine transition and title editing.  Just picture it:  I zoomed in very fine... tried to drag the 2 sections I wanted to line up and... oh, yes do that.  Bring the leading edge of the audio up to where I released the cursor.  In the middle of the video...

Oh wait that's quite contrary to my intentions, wants and needs. God damn you, you insensitive bastard PowerLink...

Oh.. oh no!  I can't control my hand... what is it doing!?  I... I... can't stop it from moving the mouse!  Where is it going? Start menu...?  All Programs...?  Cyberlink Power Director?  What's this?  Uninstall Cyberlink Power Director... why would they put that the- CLICK - BOOM SUCKA!!!! GET.   OUT.   OF.   MY.   HOUSE!!!

So anyway... yeah.. Used  Windows Movie Maker.  Took about 7 seconds to line up, 15 minutes to finish the edits, 8 minutes to export...

Cannot mess with Apple when it comes to video editing.  Yeah I said it.

Without much more ado:

Oh that other stuff?  Well, just stay tuned and remember this:  every time a Thira video gets another hundred views a Kayden tells a story.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Helium... it makes your voice higher because... SCIENCE!!!

Ok, really it's similar to the reason that a balloon full of it will float in air... or water for that matter.  It's less dense than air, which is basically an 80/20 Nitrogen/Oxygen mix (well like 78/19/3 where the 3 is all the other crap).

Here's there weird part.  It doesn't.  Helium does not change the pitch of your voice.  Wait what.....?

Back to the density thing.  I won't get into too much chemistry here, but know this:  helium is less dense than nitrogen & oxygen. Air is 97% of both of these... so helium is less dense than air.  Sound will travel faster in a less dense gas... again sciency stuff.  So sound travels faster in helium and to us this means... nothing (sort of).  Why?  Because the gas that is actually propagating the sound [the stuff the noise is moving through] is still regular air.  So WTF?

Your voice comes from your vocal cords (or more accurately folds) vibrating.  Can we all agree on that?  You remember that trick where you hold the blade of grass between your thumbs and blow?  Kind of like that.

Like the noise the blade of grass makes, the pitch of the voice is dependent on how fast the folds vibrate.  This is determined by the tension on the folds and the pressure of gas moving through.  Not what kind of gas, so your folds are still vibrating as they would with air.

Ok, awesome.  But why does it sound like that when I do helium stuff????  Timbre.  It changes the timbre of your voice. Partials and fundamentals man.  The higher speed of sound in helium accentuates the higher partials your voice naturally makes and masks the lower ones.  If that's enough for you, skip to after the video.  If not, read on here.  And here with many big words.

One last thing. You can die fooling around with this stuff.  Don't do it. Seriously.  I mean look what happened to these idiots:


Well, if you're still here after that I suppose I should give you some show related stuff!

It's showtime you crazy, crazy people.  Yes.  Thira will be at the Cabooze in Minneapolis at 8:30, this Saturday March 12th.

Seriously, it's gonna be a blast.  We'll be playing 4 tracks of the new EP.  Hell yeah we are.  'Cuz we're Thira that's why.

We've still got just a couple of presale tickets available (literally, we only have about 2 left) so shoot us an email and we'll get it figured out. I mean, $2 is $2 is $2 is 8 quarters is 200 pennies is 24 pesos is 166 yen but only 1.44 euro.  Thus concludes today's lesson.

Until then, be sure to check out the rest of our videos on our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/thiraband and eat your vegtables. A diet high in fiber makes you more effective in the pit. SCIENCE!!!