Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emergency blog go! Full power on now!

#1. No, we did not disappear

#2. We apologize for possibly making you think that we disappeared

#3. If this is your first time here and you’ve never heard of us before today, ignore the above and thank you for coming.  If this is your first time here and you have heard of us… we’ll here is our blog.  We try to put good reads here.  You check back every so often and we’ll do our best to make it worth your while.

Perhaps you have a hard copy of our EP. Fantastics.  No?  please go here: and download it. If you do have a hardcopy, you can still download and read fun things and liner notes and lyrics and album art.  You can get it for free by entering $0 in the money box.  We are very much ok with this. We love to give this to people.  However, this is a very convenient way to help our cause (with $$) if you’re so inclined. And live in a different city/state/timezone/hemisphere/galaxy… (maybe 3 jokes were enough).  An even better way to help us you ask?  I shall tell you….  Come to our shows.  They’re listed here: We’d love it.  Seriously.  We’ll prove it to you…. But you have to come first.

Which brings me to:

#4.  We have ordered shirts.  We will have merch very soon. In fact, we’ll have it in time for our next show.  If you come see us, you can have an EP for $0 and buy a shirt for a number of dollars TBD soon.

#5. Show blogs are coming very soon.  1st show. 2nd show. Quite the events. Not just at the venue, starting long before.  Not now, but soon you will have them.

Well, now you have a reason to check back.  Until then…

Emergency blog stop! All power off!!

-THIRA.endtransmission_start=”true”    uh.oh.

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