Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thira is all pressed up

So here we are, Ever useful the myspace blog is, it ain't got crap on wordpress. Now for those that want it all:  reflection, news, venting and general awesomeness that goes on, it will be here.

So, we can keep the email to the important stuff. Remember what we said, we will not spam you. Wait, what's that you say? You have no idea what I'm talking about? Who is Thira? What email?

For answers to those questions go here: target="_blank" or here and find the bio. Check out the songs. We'll wait.

You're back? Here we go.

Tracking is done! I'll say it one more time. Tracking is done. Meanwhile, Arko is furiously working on finalizing the mixes so we can move on to mastering and then on to digital release to pressing and you can finally get a copy in your hands.

That being said, we are ramping up promotion and trying to get the word out. We wanted to ask you guys if you would help. You know… if that’s cool. It is? Sweet.

Go here and look on the left side where it says "Join the Mailing List"

If you put in your email address in here, it will send you a link to sign up for our mailing list. That would be that email stuff I was blabbering on about above. It sets us up to send you cool, direct, custom emails about shows, big news, etc. And in turn you’ll get exclusive downloads among other things.

Yep. Sign up for the list and you can download the complete EP the minute it's available. Or any of the subsequent minutes if that's more your thing. Who are we to judge?

Now did you see that little box that says “join the street team?” That’s where the real fun begins. If you want to, check that box and we can give you tasks, we can track progress and give you really cool stuff (show tickets, merch, things we haven’t even thought of yet) once you finish.

In fact, we've got a street team mission going on right now. The prize: a free t-shirt. Kind of cool right? Hurry up though, because it ends 5/23.

Ok. This is a lot for now.  Thank you and you're welcome.  I will leave with this tasty little tidbit.  We start booking proceedings next week.  Do with that what you will.

Welcome to Thira

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